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Forest protection (Continued)   PAGE

situation not materially changed    84

stolid indifference of people of eastern Canada re    230

Forest rangers, protection of reserves depends upon    250

Forest regions of British Columbia referred to    102

Forest regions, situation of    233

Forest reproduction in British Columbia not sufficiently abundant   212

Forest reservation, extension of, in public lands of west, advocated   83

Forest reserves, main value of to conserve forest cover of watersheds    249

Forest Reserves and Parks Act, provisions of    259

Forest reserves and parks, total area of Dominion    90

Forest reserves, closed season for fires exists on    250

Forest reserves, Dominion, areas temporarily reserved    90

Forest reserves in Manitoba, area of    237

suggested management of    237

Forest reserves in Ontario, area of    92

Forest reserves in Saskatchewan—Duck Mountain, No. 2    240

Porcupine No. 2    240

Moose Mountain    240

Beaver Hills    240

Nisbet    240

Pines    240

Fort a la Corne    240

Forest reserves, net area of Dominion    90

Forest resources, investigation of    75

Forests, recommendations re conditions in British Columbia    228

Forest staff under Civil Service Commission    80

Forestation, subdivisions of, studied    210

Forested regions, west of prairies    233

varieties of timber on    233
Forestry Branch, Dominion (see Dominion Forestry Branch).

Forestry Branch of Canadian Pacific Ry., information furnished by   75

inventory of timber supplies, co-operation in, referred to    83
Forestry Branches, organization urged in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia 83

Forestry is business of handling timber lands in improved way   274

Forestry on Dominion Lands, by J. H. White, M.A., B.Sc. F   231

Forestry on Dominion lands, anomalous situation in administration of   91

summary of    270

Forestry on Dominion timber berths    80

Forestry practice, technical features of    92

Forestry Quarterly, quoted from    147

Forestry, a well-developed science and profession    97

Forests of northern coast of British Columbia, referred to    104

Forests, report of Committee on    72

Fort a la Corne forest reserve    240

Fort Fraser, reference to    110

Four-fifths of Canada is suited to tree growth only    274

Fourth Annual Report of State Forester of Minnesota, quoted    157

France, forest experiment stations in, referred to    210

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