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Fire reports, summary of    38

Fire season of 1914 in Alberta    38

Fire season of 1914 in British Columbia    16

Fire season of 1914 worst since 1910    84

Fire tax rate in British Columbia    46, 263

Fires, light ground, stimulate reproduction of hemlock    222

Fires on right-of-way, instructions re    8

Fires, repeated, destroy valuable species    87

Fires, total loss from repeated fires, 1912    166

Fiscal regulations    262

Flathead river, headwaters of, referred to    96

Foothills of Blue mountains, Ont   192

Forecasted yield of poplar (diagram)    197

Forest Act, British Columbia    46, 47, 117, 253

conditions for disposal of slash under    46

regulations re use of fire in industrial operations    118

Forest Board, British Columbia Provincial, referred to    47
Forest Branch, B.C. (See British Columbia Forest Branch).

Forest conditions in Burleigh-Methuen, Ont    173

Forest conditions, on Dominion Lands in Alberta    241

British Columbia    246

Manitoba    236

Saskatchewan    239

summary of    190

Forest experiment station, suggested    168, 210

Forest fire laws of Alberta, referred to    232

Forest fire laws of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba    232
Forest Fires and the Brush Disposal Problem, Introduction, by Clyde Leavitt 100

Forest fire protective organizations under civil service    232

Forest fires, increased 300 per cent in eight years    167

Forest Fires Prevention Act, Ontario, amended    48

Forest Fires, recurrence of in British Columbia    213

situation in Eastern Canada unsatisfactory    39

Forest influences upon climate, stream flow, erosion, etc   210

Forest investigations, need of, under Canadian conditions    168

Forest policy, expenditure required for forwarding    84

Forest policy should be devised    207

Forest problem of British Columbia considered broadly    112

Forest protection, can be secured    201

conditions necessary to accomplish    201

Forest protection, highly profitable investment for long-lived institution   207

Forest Protection in Canada, 1912, referred to    9, 50, 51, 100

correction of    160

Forest protection, on Dominion lands    250

within forest reserves    250

outside reserves    250

Forest protection, publicity work re, by B.C. Forest Branch    230

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