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Fires in forest sections, originating within 300 feet of track, season 1914

(table)    42

number of fires    42

number of railway fires by causes    42

number of other than railway fires by causes    42

number of fires of unknown cause    42

acres burned over    42

value of property destroyed, by causes    43

value of property destroyed, classified    43

Fire in industrial operations    118

Fire inspection, adequate inspection staff essential    74

co-operation with local associations    96

Fire Inspection Department of Board of Railway Commissioners    2, 252

Fire inspection districts, British Columbia    16

B.C. Railway Belt    16

Forest Reserves    17

Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta    17

Dominion Parks    17

Ontario    18

Quebec    18

New Brunswick    19

Nova Scotia    19

Fire laws are inadequate in Prairie provinces    251

Fire legislation for prevention of prairie fires    252

Fire lines, value of, to reduce fire risk    147

Fire patrols, instructions to Canadian Northern Ontario railway    35

Fire prevention and education    204

men require special training and experience    82

through brush disposal, study of    80

Fire protection, by United States railway lines    3

by Canadian Pacific railway    68

general question of    134

most efficient has been chiefly preventive    202

necessarily preliminary to any forest management    201

not an expense, but an investment    84

special organizations by railways    2

systems developed    68

what may be saved by    207

Fire protective appliances, on locomotives, regulations re    202

inspection of    44

Fire protective department of Board of Railway Commissioners    1

Fire protective organizations, Dominion    I

larger appropriations needed to protect young growth    84

provincial    1

severely taxed    84

Fire-protective services, provincial, referred to    91

Fire rangers, force to be maintained    7

Fire ranging districts of Alberta    251

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