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Fernow, Dr., reference to report made by    73

report on Trent watershed, under direction of    79

Ferris, E. W., State Forester of Washington, quoted    160

Field inspection work in Alberta    252

Field officials point out requirements    257

Financial loss on small area burned    167

Financial losses by forest fires    197

Financial losses due to repeated fires on Burleigh-Methuen area   197

Finlay river, B.C., reference to    111

Fir trees, areas where they occur, as to size    215

Fire Commissioner of Manitoba, referred to    73

Fire Commissioner of Saskatchewan, referred to    73

Fire dangers, reports on    117

Fire-guard construction    50

by railways 1913-1914 (table)    66

draft of requirements re, issued to railways    51

in Alberta    66

instructions of Board re    51

requirements in Prairie provinces    50

system along boundaries adjoining open prairie    258

Fire-guarding, referred to    1

complaints of railways re    64

in stubble, difficulties of    55

letter of Board to railways re    58

points in which requirements for vary    63

regulations, synopsis of variations    54

reports, summary of    38

requirements under Railway Act    :   58

results have been satisfactory    64

results during season of 1914    58

summary of construction (table)    66

Fire-guard inspection, Alberta    17

Saskatchewan    17

Fire-guards, damage to property by railway employees    7

instructions for construction of    6

ploughing of    6

procedure on owner refusing consent    7

upon cultivated land    7

Fire hazard, reduction of railway    89

Fires, estimated loss on 85,000 acres in 1913    167
Fires in forest sections originating within 300 feet of track, season 1913

(table)    41

number of fires reported    41

causes of fires    41

acres burned over by fires outside right-of-way    41

value of property destroyed       41

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