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Earnest desire to prevent fires    201

Eastern British Columbia railway    14

"Economic Aspect of Slash Disposal," article on, referred to    163

Edmonton, Dunvegan and British Columbia railway    11, 12, 20

Edmonton, referred to    246

Chief Superintendent of parks at    259

Crown timber agency at    81, 234, 256

permits issued by, referred to    267

Edmundston, N.B., referred to    74

Educational work justified    94

Eels brook, Ont., referred to    168

area burned twice along east side of    182

groups of pine in area east of    175

narrow strip east of, burned but once    174

territory lying east of    171

Effect of brush disposal on reproduction    156
Effect of repeated forest fires upon the reproduction of commercial species

in Peterborough county, Ont., by C. D. Howe, Ph.D    167

introduction to    168

Effect of various agencies upon forest reproduction    221

Effective fire protection leads to permanent timber industry    204

Efficiency of license regulations    262

Efficiency of patrols, reports on    69

Efficiency of the field force    273

Efficient business-like administration    202

Efficient results at minimum cost required    82

Elbow river, referred to    243

Elgin and Havelock railway    11-14

information re fire situation on    39

Elimination of waste, provision for    262

Elk park, portion of Cooking Lake reserve, referred to    246

Enforcement of legislation required in Alberta    74

Engelmann spruce, burned experimentally, cost of    229

"Entomological Aspect of Slash Disposal," by Ralph Hopping    163

Equipment for fire fighting required    68

Erosion of soil on ridges    172

Esquimalt and Nanaimo railway    11, 12, 20

no fires in 1913    39

Essex Terminal railway    11, 13

Establishment of fire line    118

Establishment of game preserve in Alberta suggested    84

Establishment of game preserve in British Columbia suggested   84

Estimate of available land in British Columbia    112

Estimate of spruce saw-timber in Alberta    86


FACULTY OF FORESTRY, University of Toronto, referred to 86, 91, 168

Federal government has a national responsibility    274

low ground rents charged by    248

provincial grants to       246

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