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Dominion Government, referred to    167, 168

action re forest reserves commended    98

attention of, re cutting regulations on licensed timber berths    98

co-operation urged re Trent watershed    98

educational work of re forestry justified    94

regulations of re reduction of fire hazard    98

representations to, re Government railway lines    97

urged to make provision for forest investigation    99

Dominion interests in Trent watershed paramount    309

Dominion Lands Act, referred to    257

provisions of    259

Dominion Lands Branch, established    256

Dominion lands, alienated portion of    232

areas and extent of    232

areas in forest reserves    233

area of, in British Columbia    246

areas under license    233

areas under permit to cut timber    233

cutting operations on    231

enormous areas of in northern portion of Prairie provinces    250

fire ranging districts on    251

forest protection on    250

Dominion Parks Branch, co-operation with    1

officials appointed fire inspectors    73

Dominion parks, clearing of old slashings in    232

scenic beauty endangered by logging slash    232

Dominion Water Power Branch, referred to    93

Donald, B.C., precipitation at, referred to    247

Douglas fir, ages and sizes of trees found    216

dense stands of, from accumulated seed crops    226

destructive methods of logging    103

effect of fire upon reproduction of    86

most rapidly growing and commercially valuable    103

predominant in, area in which    218

production of lumber    103

reproduction on burned areas    223

Douglas fir coast region, forests of, referred to    104

climatic conditions of    103
Drayton, Sir Henry L., K.C., Chief Commissioner, Board of Railway Com-

missioners    4

Duck mountain, referred to    233

Duck Mountain forest reserve No. 2    240

Duck Mountain reserve, referred to    236, 238

Dues on spruce in British Columbia    262

Dues received by Government help to meet public expense    202


EAGLE pass, referred to    261

Early license regulations    259

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