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Disposal of inflammable debris outside rights-of-way    50

co-operation between railways and governments for    50

Disposal of licenses by public auction    262

Disposal of logging debris, provision for    262

Disposal of logging slash in British Columbia    101

Disposal of lumbering slash on Dominion berths cannot be advocated   271

Disposal of slash, responsibility for cost    48

Disposal of timber in Railway Belt of British Columbia, referred to    260

District inspectors, technically trained in forestry    259

Dominion Atlantic railway    11, 14

information re fire situation on    39

Dominion Forest Reserve extension    77

Dominion forest reserves    90

areas of, additions to, recommended    78

Dominion Forest Reserves Act, provisions of    258

Dominion Forest Reserves and Parks Act, referred to    250

Dominion Forests    232

Dominion Forestry Branch    1, 16

administration of cut-over lands by    168

authority of re reserves    269

beginning at brush disposal on Crown lands by    101

beginning at brush disposal by    265

Bulletin No. 6 of, referred to    237

Bulletin No. 29 of, referred to    245

Bulletin No. 40 of, referred to    262

control of reserves placed under    258

co-operation in investigation by    97

co-operation most helpful    75

creation of, referred to    257

detailed information collected by, referred to    85

equipped with men technically trained    91

establishment of section of forest investigation by    99

extension of Civil Service regulations to    98

field organizations sufficient to handle work    81

forest reserves under jurisdiction of    231

has extensive organization    96

inventory of timber supplies, co-operation in by    83

jurisdiction in enforcing regulations    81

merit system of appointments in field service of    91

officials of, appointed fire inspectors    73

only agency for classification of Dominion lands    258

organization equipped for forestry work    94

parties in field examining lands    77

protection of all Dominion lands in hands of    271

re Civil Service regulations    232

technical bureau in connection with    209

to include and undertake forest investigations    211

transfer of Trent Valley area to, suggested       210


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