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Concentrate protection upon young growth    230

Conditions of permits to owners of mills    267

Conditions under which new forest establishes itself    217

Conservative management of Dominion forests    274

Control of logging operations, importance of    263

Control of Burleigh-Methuen area, plans for    208

Cooking Lake Forest reserve    246

Co-operation in fire inspection in British Columbia    16

Co-operation in investigation by British Columbia Forest Branch    97

Co-operation in fire protection    88

Co-operation in reproduction study by British Columbia Forest Branch   86

Co-operation secures good results    89

Co-operation to conduct experiments with coals    95

Co-operation with British Columbia Forest Branch    1

Co-operative arrangements    1

British Columbia Forest Branch    1

Dominion Forestry Branch    1

Dominion Parks Branch    1

New Brunswick    1

Ontario    1

Quebec    1

Co-operative arrangements with Board of Railway Commissioners   1

Co-operative fire-protection, area covered by two associations    95

association for Upper Ottawa proposed    96

in United States, referred to    96

organization of Lower Ottawa association    95

St. Maurice Forest Protective Association    95

Co-operative motor-truck service for reaching markets    207
Cords per acre of merchantable poplar pulpwood now present, according to

the number of times burned (diagram)    191

Cormorant lake, referred to   236

Cost of brush burning    148

Cost of top-lopping, analysis of factors entering into    141

comparison with cost of fire protection    146

result of investigation    140

statistical tables re    143, 146

Coulonge river, Que., referred to    95

Counties Reforestation Act, referred to    167, 208

County management of forest areas, advisability of    209

County ownership, arguments re    208

Cover of moss usually follows surface fires beneath old stands    223

Cowichan lake, referred to    216

Cox timber sale, epidemic from cull logs and slash    165

Cox, W. T.. Minnesota State Forester, report by    157

Craig, Roland D., work in British Columbia, referred to    84

Cranbrook district, data re cost of slash burning    122

results secured in    121

Crowding trees improves lumber    217

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