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Clearing outside rights-of-way, for railway fire protection    46

most favourable in British Columbia    46

no adequate handling of, in Canada    46

no legislation applicable to in Eastern Canada    47

unsatisfactory in Eastern Canada    47

Clearing up debris in Algonquin park    50

Clear lake, referred to    172

Clearwater forest, suffered less than others    244

Clearwater river, classes of timber along    106

district burned over    243

Climatic conditions of British Columbia    102

Climatic and soil conditions of British Columbia    112

Climatic conditions in Railway Belt    247

Coal, analyses of samples of    45

Coal deposits, estimates of    243

Coal, experiments with    95

Coal lands, area of, in Crowsnest region    246

Coast Fire Protection district    253

Coast range, referred to    102, 246

yearly rental of provincial timber land west of    263

Coastal regions of British Columbia, Douglas fir predominant    214

Coeur d'Alene forest, Idaho    255

Colorado, climate of, referred to    108

forest conditions in    152

Columbia national forest, referred to    225

Columbia River watershed, referred to    106

Columbia valley, forest growth restriction    102

plans for burning slash areas of    131
Commercial species in B.C., according to number of times burned (diagram) 191 Commissioners, Board of Railway. (See Board of Railway Commissioners.)

Commissioner, Dominion Parks Branch, appointment of    259

Commission of Conservation, referred to    4

estimates for continuation of work    77

financial situation of, as to forestry work    76

game preserve recommended by    96

influence to secure forest reserves    78

investigation carried on by, referred to    212

reports of Committee on Forests of    72, 84
Committee on Forests, practical solution of Trent Watershed question,

recommended by    94

recommendations at 1913 annual meeting    82

report of, at annual meeting 1913    72

report of, at annual meeting 1914    84

resolutions of, 1914    97

Comparison of cost in methods of brush disposal    150

Compensating advantages of brush disposal to operator    155

Competition with United States mills    115

Composition of the soil    192

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