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Canadian Pacific Forestry Branch, detailed information collected by,

referred to    85

Canadian Pacific railway, referred to    2, 3, 11, 12, 13, 14, 20, 242

building of, referred to    232

circular No. 8 to officers and employees    70

co-operation in British Columbia investigation by    97

co-operation in disposal of inflammable debris    50

Crowsnest branch of, referred to    242

experience with power speeders by    38

fire inspectors appointed by    2

Fire Protection Along Eastern Lines of    67

Forestry Branch of    2

letter issued to superintendents of    69

objections to provisions of order No. 16,570 of Board    3

special organization for fire protection    2

Cape Breton railway    15

Caraquet and Gulf Shore railway    15

Cariboo Mountain range, referred to    102

Cartwright, A. D., Secretary, Board of Railway Commissioners    9

Cattle ranching and specialized farming, lands suitable for    205

Cattle rangers responsible for fires    187

Caverhill, P. Z., District Forester, B.C., report by    125

Cedar, best reproduction of under protection of alder    227

Cedar lake, referred to    236

Central Canada railway    14

no fires on in 1913    39

Central Ontario railway    11, 13

information re fire situation in    39

Central Railway Company of Canada    11, 13

no fires on in 1913    39

Central Vermont railway    11, 13

Challies, J. B., suggestion of, referred to    93

Changes made by Railway Commission's General Order No. 107   9

Chemainus, large trees found at    216

Chief Fire Guardian of Alberta, referred to    73

Chief Fire Inspector of Board of Railway Commissioners    4

Chief Inspector of timber and forestry appointed    258

Chief Operating Officer of Board of Railway Commissioners    4

Churchill river, main watershed of    77

spruce saw-timber area of, referred to    85

Circular No. 8 of Canadian Pacific Railway re extinguishing fires   70

Circular No. 141 of Board re spark-arresting device    44

Civil Service Act, referred to    91

Civil Service Commission, Forest staff under    80

Civil Service reform    91

Claims of unfair competition as result of slash disposal    133

Classes of persons responsible for fires    187

Clearing of rights-of-way of debris    118

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