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Bulletin No. 40, Forestry Branch, referred to    262

Burford, Miles, referred to    169

Burleigh township, Ont., area burned three times in    183

area burned twice in    182

area burned mostly on granite    182

best reproduction of pine in    174

growth studies in    192

portion of, examined    171

province receives no rent for one-half area    209

swamp areas of    173

two severe fires in, referred to    179

Burleigh-Methuen area, Ont., detailed statement of    166

financial losses, due to repeated fires on area    197

plans for control of area    208

Burned-over lands, practical plan suggested    167

Burning of logging slash reduces fire hazard    87

Burning of logging slash favours reproduction of Douglas fir    87

Burning of slash required    89

Burning slash from road construction in British Columbia    89

Burrard inlet, ages of trees found at    216


CALGARY and Fernie railway    10

Calgary, Crown timber agency at    81, 234, 256

District Inspector at    259

California, investigations in, referred to    164

slash burning in coniferous forests of    229

Cameron, D. Roy, District Inspector of Forest Reserves, report by   129

Campaign of education and publicity, need of    204

Camp Fire Club of America, Game preserve supported by    96

Canada and Gulf Terminal railway    14

Canada, forest resources much over-estimated    84

Canadian Coal and Coke Co., expert employed by    95

Canadian Forestry Association urges merit system of appointments    91

Canadian industries, use of local coal supplies by    95

Canadian Northern Ontario railway    11, 13, 20

Canadian Northern railway, referred to    2, 3, 10, 12, 13, 20, 240, 251

areas under permit along, examined in 1914    129

Guarantee Act    14, 20

letter of instruction from Railway Commission re patrols    21

lines come under Railway Commission's jurisdiction    88

objections to provisions of order No. 16,570    3

special organizations for fire protection    2

Canadian Northern Pacific railway    14

comes under Board's jurisdiction    88

construction of    127

Canadian Northern Quebec railway   11, 13, 20

Canadian Northern Saskatchewan railway    14

Canadian Northern Western railway    14

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