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British Columbia (Continued)   PAGE

reproduction study in    86

slash disposal on timber leases and licenses in    115

southern coastal forests of    214

steam railways not subject to Railway Commission in    14

timber sale contracts contain agreements re slash disposal    271

timber sales and railway permits in    114

varieties of trees on areas investigated in    216

vigorous production of Douglas fir in    219

young forests of    217

British Columbia Forest Branch, referred to    1, 212

approval of power speeders by    36

beginning at brush disposal on Crown lands by    101

Benedict, R. E., assistant forester of, report by    101

co-operation in investigation by    97

co-operation in reproduction study by    86

co-operation with    1

co-operative arrangements with    229

demonstration of slash burning in valleys    121

detailed information collected by, referred to    85

has done excellent work    97

information furnished by    75

inventory of timber supplies, co-operation in, referred to    83

officials of, appointed fire inspectors    73

should educate public opinion    230

to be highly commended    230

British Yukon (White Pass and Yukon) railway    10, 12

no fires on in 1913    39

Brockville, Westport and Northwestern railway    10, 13

Brush burning, cost of    148

adding cost of to operating expenses    229

Brush disposal, actual cost of    255

as fire preventive    81

comparison of cost in methods    150

compensating advantages to operator    155

cost of    149

effect on reproduction    156

in Bitterroot forest, Montana    148

in Eastern provinces    138

in the Railway Belt of British Columbia    129

on Crown lands, by British Columbia Forest Board, beginning at    101

on right-of-way of roads    T32

operators complain of added responsibility by    155

summary of cost of    149

Brush piling, cost of    148

Buffalo park, referred to    259

Bulkley river, reference to valley of    111

Bulletin No. 6, Forestry Branch, referred to    237

Bulletin No. 29. Forestry Branch, referred to    245

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