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British Columbia (Continued)   PAGE

approval of power speeders by Forest Branch of    36

area covered by investigation    213

burning slash from road construction in    89

cedars are short-lived, reasons for    221

climatic and soil conditions referred to    112

climatic conditions of    102

coastal regions of, travel in the    212

co-operation in fire inspection in    16

depressed lumber market conditions of    229

disposal of logging slash in    101

disposal of timber in Railway Belt of, referred to    260

Douglas fir predominant    218

dues on spruce in    262

establishment of game preserve in, suggested    84

estimate of available agricultural land in    112

fire season of 1914 in    38

fire tax rate in    263

Forest Act of    46, 253
Forest Branch of (See British Columbia Forest Branch)

forest conditions on Dominion lands in    246

forests of northern coasts of, referred to    104

forest problem of, considered broadly    112

forest regions of, referred to    102

forest reproduction not sufficiently abundant    212

game preserve in, interference with development    96

Government forest policy    114

Government of province of, referred to    4

ground rent of Dominion lands in    263

ground rent of Provincial lands in    263

hemlock predominant, areas in which    219

inventory of forest resources commenced    75

inventory of forest resources in    84

inventory of timber supplies, referred to    83

inventory should be completed    97

legislation of, reference to    253

letter to operators on coast re brush disposal    115

low cost of collecting data in    85

lumber industry of, referred to    234

mature forests of    214

most important forest problem of    112

new and additions to forest reserves recommended in    78

objection to game preserve in    96

over-production of lumber in    229

Railway Belt in    129, 232

railways subject to Railway Commission in    12

recommendations re forest conditions in    228

report on forest resources, referred to    85

representations to, re game preserve    99


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