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Bay of Quinte railwa    

Bear river, reference to    110

Beaver Hills forest reserve    240

Beaver river, referred to    251

Bella Coola river, watershed of    104

Benedict, R. E., Assistant Forester, B.C. Forest Branch    101

Berry-pickers responsible for fires    187

Best quality of commercial timber, conditions for    217

Better protection of reproduction of fir    229

Bitterroot forest, Montana, referred to    255

brush disposal in    148

Blackfeet forest, Montana    255

Black hills, yellow pine brush piled and burned    152

Blue mountains, referred to    171

foothills of the    192

lookout station suggested for    203

region, pine of the    174

Blumer, J. C., cost of study of forest resources by    76

investigation by    75

work in Saskatchewan discontinued by    84

Board of Railway Commissioners, referred to    1, 10, 75, 140

Chief Fire Inspector of    4

Chief Operating Officer of    4

co-operative arrangements with    1

co-operation in experiments with coal    95

co-operation with local associations    96

Fire Inspection Department of, referred to    2, 252

Fire Protective Department of    1

Government railways should be subject to regulations of    83

jurisdiction over railways    1, 10

order issued by    72

railways not under jurisdiction of    14

railways under jurisdiction of    10, 250

regulations of, referred to    252

should be congratulated on results    97

Boissevain, Man    239

Boston and Maine railroad    3, 10, 13

appointment of commissioner of fire claims by    3

statement of fire claims by    3

Bottle lake, areas burned twice around    179

Bow river, forest fire conditions on    243

north of, mature timber largely pine    244

Bracken fern, undergrowth of    228

Brandon, referred to    238

Brazeau forest, experienced large forest fires    244

Brazeau river, referred to    242

Bridge river, referred to    109

British Columbia, amount of timber supplied to Prairie provinces   234

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