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Alberta and Great Waterways railway    14

Alder, a deterrent to reproduction of fir    226

Alexandria, B.C., reference to    110

Algoma Central and Hudson Bay railway    10, 13

information re fire situation on    39

Algoma Eastern railway    10, 12

information re fire situation on    39

Algonquin Park, addition of 811 square miles to    93

clearing up debris in    50

reduction of fire hazard in    89

Amount of lumber supplied by British Columbia to Prairie Provinces    234

Anaconda Copper Mining Co    148

brush disposal on lands of    148

Andrews, L. R., District Forester, B.C., report by    123 Appendix—Regulations governing granting of yearly licenses to cut timber

on Dominion lands    275

Appointments to forest service, qualifications for    83

Arctic ocean, referred to    233

Areas burned once referred to on map    178

Areas burned twice, high average of young pine per acre    182

Area burned three times, average pine trees to acre    186

Areas burned many times, trees fire-scarred seven times    186

Area covered by investigations in British Columbia    213

Areas severely burned once    174

Areas severely burned twice, referred to on map    179

Areas severely burned three times, area covered    183

Areas severely burned many times, extent of    186

Areas of forest reserves in Manitoba    237

Area under investigation    168

Arrow lakes, pine on slopes surrounding    106 Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe railway, special campaign for fire protection by 3

results secured by    3

Athabaska forest, experienced large fires    244

Athabaska Landing, referred to    251

Athabaska river, referred to    241, 242, 251

Atlantic, Quebec and Western railway    10, 13

no fires on in 1913    39

Authority to enter upon lands, railways request    65

Average growth of poplar trees    194


BABINE LAKE, reference to conditions on    110

Banff, discovery of hot mineral springs near    257

Barlow, Alfred E., referred to    171

Barrette lake, area burned twice around    179

Basis of forest classification    103

Basis used in classification of timber    169

Bass lake, referred to    172

Battleford, referred to    251

Previous Forest Protection in Canada 1913-1914 Next