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ACTUAL prevention of occurrence of fires    204

Adams, Frank D., referred to    171

Adams lake, referred to    247

Adding cost of brush burning to operating expenses    229

Adirondack Mountains, logging operations on    100

top-lopping situation in    162

Administration of Dominion forests    256

Agassiz, country near, referred to    247

Agricultural possibilities of Trent Watershed    205

Agricultural prairies of Western Canada    233

Aiken, J. D., referred to    169

Alberta, action re provincially chartered railways recommended    83

Cooking Lake forest reserve in    246

Cypress Hills forest reserve in    246

enforcement of legislation required in    74

erected into province    256

establishment of game preserves suggested    84

estimate of spruce saw-timber in    86

field inspection work in    252

fire-guard construction in    66

fire ranging districts in    251

fire season of 1914 referred to    38

forest fire laws of, referred to    232

forest reserves in    241

game preserve in    96

information supplied by District Inspector for    243

Lesser Slake Lake forest reserve in    245

major portion yet owned by Dominion    270

new and additions to forest reserves recommended in    78

no slash disposal on licensed berths in    133

operations from which slash results in    133

poplar lumber sawed in    239

railways subject to Board of Railway Commissioners in    12

rangers working under ancient legislation    271

regulations governing lumbering in    264

report on slash disposal in    132

Rocky Mountains, forest reserve in    242

settlers' permits, conditions attached to    133

study of forest conditions on public domain in    80

width of agricultural plain in       233

Previous Forest Protection in Canada 1913-1914 Next