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and payment thereof shall be made to the Crown within thirty days thereafter.


47. The permittee shall cut up the whole of the trees felled in such a way that there shall be no waste, and to prevent the spread of prairie or bush fires, the refuse (i.e., the tops and branches unfit either for rails or firewood), shall be piled together in a heap and not left scattered through the bush.

Permits issued to holders of berths shall contain a clause to the effect that one-half the cost of fire-guarding the timber shall be de-frayed by the holders thereof, the Crown defraying the other half.

Regulations for Dominion Forest Reserves

Made under the Authority of Orders in Council of August 8, 1913, and September 24, 1913, in accordance with the Provisions of the Dominion Forest Reserves and Parks Act, 1-2 George V, Chap. 10, for the Maintenance, Protection, Care, Management and Utilization of all Forest Reserves Set Aside and Established as Do-minion Forest Reserves by the said Act, of the Timber and Minerals in any of such Reserves, and for Prevention of Trespass thereon.


26. All timber cutting upon the reserves shall be done under the control of the forest ranger or other officer and subject to his instructions, and shall be subject to the following conditions:

(a) Only such timber shall be cut as is designated by the forest officer.

(b) No unnecessary damage shall be done to the young growth or to trees left standing.

(c) All merchantable portions shall be taken from the trees cut and there shall he no unnecessary waste of timber.

(d) Stumps shall not be cut higher than 18 inches without special permission from the forest officer.

(e) All the debris of operations shall be piled for burning unless written permission to the contrary is given by the forest officer.


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