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APPENDIX Regulations

Governing the Granting of Yearly Licenses and Permits to Cut Timber on Dominion Lands in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, the Northwest Territories, within 20 miles on either side of the Canadian Pacific Railway in the Province of British Columbia, and the Tract of Three and One-half Million Acres to be located by the Government of the Dominion in the Peace River District in the Province of British Columbia. Approved by Order in Council of the 1st July, 1898, and subsequent Orders in Council.


  1.  That the licensee shall not have the right thereunder to cut timber of a less diameter than 10 inches at the stump except such as may be actually necessary for the construction of roads and other works to facilitate the taking out of merchantable timber, and shall not have the right to cut any trees that may be designated by the proper officer of the Department of the Interior as required to provide a supply of seed for the reproduction of the forest.

  2.  The licensee shall be entitled to a renewal of his license from year to year while there is on the berth timber of the kind and dimensions described in the license in sufficient quantity to be commercially valuable if the terms and conditions of the license and the provisions of the Dominion Lands Act and of the regulations affecting the same have been fulfilled:

Provided that such renewal shall be subject to the payment of such rental and dues and to such terms and conditions as are fixed by the regulations in force at the time renewal is made.

  1. That the licensee shall take from every tree he cuts down all timber fit for use and manufacture the same into sawn lumber or some such saleable product, and shall dispose of the tops and branches and other debris of lumbering operations in such a way as to prevent as far as possible the danger of fire in accordance with the directions of the proper officers of the Department of the Interior.

  2. That the licensee shall prevent all unnecessary destruction of growing timber on the part of his men and exercise strict and constant supervision to prevent the origin or spread of fires.

(i) That the licensee shall pay, in addition to the said ground rent, dues in the manner prescribed in section 20 of the Timber Regulations, and also one-half of the cost incurred by the Crown in guarding the timber from fire, the government paying the other half. A statement will he furnished the licensee showing his share of the cost incurred


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