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Mensuration Protection from


Grazing Disease Insects Animals Snow

Regional Studies of Types and Forest Conditions

Silvical Studies

Distribution of forest trees and types

Forest types—description, basis of tree associations, etc. Special studies.

Tree Studies

Growth, yield, silvical characteristics, methods of management, etc.

Utilization Studies


While the Dominion Forestry Branch could not be expected to undertake all the above lines of investigation immediately, the list will indicate the wide range of possibilities. Aside from the conduct of actual planting operations on a limited scale, by the provinces of Ontario and Quebec, and by various private interests in these and other provinces, but little systematic attempt has been made in eastern Canada to solve the class of forest problems indicated above. If forestry is to be placed on a permanent basis in Canada, a great deal of scientific investigation must be carried on, as in other countries, and the Dominion Forestry Branch is the most logical organization in Canada to undertake and prosecute such work. Forest experiment stations are needed at a number of points throughout the Dominion, where the results secured will apply to different conditions and have a wide general application. It is believed that the portion of the Trent watershed, discussed in this report, would be eminently suitable for the establishment of a forest experiment station, since the region is typical of very large areas of lands in eastern Canada, chiefly or only valuable for the permanent production of timber. Thus, the transfer of this area to the Dominion Forestry Branch, on any terms that might be agreed upon, would not only help to protect the large investment of the Dominion Government in the Trent canal, by furnishing adequate fire protection, but would also tend to greatly advance the general cause of forestry in eastern Canada, by facilitating the conduct of scientific investigations, and the establishment of a demonstration area for the elaboration of the various methods of handling forest properties.

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