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New Brunswick, in connection with right-of-way clearing and the establishment of special patrols. The Government railways should be made subject to the fire-protection requirements of the Board of Railway Commissioners.

. 6. Representations should be made to the Dominion and Provincial governments, urging that a systematic beginning be made at reduction of the fire hazard along railway lines, by the removal of inflammable debris on a narrow strip adjacent to railway rights-of-way through forested sections. So far as lands in private ownership are concerned, legislation will be necessary in some cases, while, in others, the more thorough enforcement of existing provisions will be sufficient. The same is true as to Crown lands under license. To cover the situation on unlicensed Crown lands, the expenditure of money by the respective governments will be necessary. The more dangerous sections through forest reserves and parks should receive first attention.

  1. The action already taken by the Dominion Government in the establishment and extension of forest reserves is to be commended. This policy should be continued as rapidly as the necessary land classification can be completed, and sufficient funds should be made available to provide for protection and administration.

  2. The action most urgently needed at the present time, to increase the efficiency of the administration of Dominion forest reserves, is the extension of civil service regulations to include the field staff of the Forestry Branch, with provision for annual examinations of a thoroughly practical character, and the appointment of only those men found to be up to the required standard. Similar action is also urgently needed in the field services of the various provincial forestry and fire protective organizations.

  3. The attention of the Dominion Government should again be called to the urgent need for such a change in organization as will result in the adequate enforcement of cutting regulations on licensed timber berths, with a view to securing better forest reproduction and a greater reduction of the fire hazard.

  4. The Ontario Government should be urged to make further extensions of the forest reserve area, with a view to placing under protection and, administration the better classes of forest growth on non-agricultural lands, not at present included in forest reserves and parks. Such action as to the best stands of young growth is particularly desirable.

  5. A further attempt should be made to interest the Dominion Government and the provincial authorities of Ontario in the adoption of some co-operative arrangement looking toward the protection and

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