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of forest lands. Both organizations co-operate closely with the Provincial Government of Quebec. In each case also, the association manager is an officer of the Fire Inspection Department of the Rail-way Commission, and secures co-operation in that capacity from the railways operating within the association boundaries.

Co-operative fire protection, having proved such a success in a portion of Quebec, as it had previously proved in many portions of the United States, there is every reason to hope that the movement will continue, and, in particular, that the plan at present under discussion of an association on the Upper Ottawa, shall be made effective.



At the last two annual meetings of the Commission, resolutions have been adopted favouring the establishment of a game preserve in those portions of Alberta and British Columbia adjoining the Glacier National Park of Montana. Through the extension of the Waterton Lakes park, this action has now been taken so far as the Alberta portion is concerned, but no action has been taken in British Columbia. The provincial government very naturally objects to the establishment of a park in that section, which embraces a portion of the headwaters of the Flathead river, on account of interference with the further development of the natural resources, particularly coal. It should, how-ever, be emphasized that the Commission has recommended only the establishment of a game preserve, and that this action could readily be taken without the withdrawal of either land or minerals from alienation, and thus would not at all retard the development of the natural resources of the section in question. All that is needed is the enactment of a law by the Provincial Legislature, or the passage of an order in council, closing an area of some 320 square miles to hunting, together with adequate provision for enforcement. Unless the Government of British Columbia can be persuaded to co-operate to this extent, it appears that there will be a serious limitation to the efficiency of the measures already taken by the United States Government in Glacier park. Montana, and by the Dominion Government in Waterton Lakes park. Alberta, looking toward the preservation of big game, particularly mountain sheep and mountain goats. This proposal has the cordial support of the Camp-Fire Club of America, which has continuously urged favourable action during the past several years.



While fire-protection is the first essential to any plan of forest administration, it does not by any means constitute all there is to

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