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adjoining on both sides, through the park, the cost to be shared equally between the railway company and the provincial government. It is understood that this work will be continued next summer, until the mileage through the park shall have been completed.

A further example, on a somewhat smaller scale, is the work done by the Department of Indian Affairs in disposing of old slashings along the Canadian Pacific line through the Shawanaga Indian Reserve, in the Muskoka district, Ontario. This work has been most efficiently clone, and practically eliminates what was a serious railway fire hazard.

In these, and other individual cases, the railway companies have shown a thoroughly co-operative spirit, which has gone far toward inducing land owners to do their share and to meet the companies half-way. The continuation and extension of such co-operation will, in the course of years, reduce the railway fire hazard very materially.


During the past year material additions have been made to the area of Dominion forest reserves in Saskatchewan, but there are still large areas of non-agricultural forest lands in all the western provinces which should likewise be included in permanent forest reserves. At the present time the total area of forest reserves and parks is as follows :

_Manitoba    4.072.50 square miles

Saskatchewan    9,680.79

Alberta..   26,270.90   "

.   ..........................

British Columbia    3,777.56

Total    43.801.75

The net area of forest reserves alone is as follows:


4,072.50 square miles




19,473.15   "

British   Columbia    



35,976.00   "

Areas temporarily reserved, with a view to being, later, included in permanent forest reserves, are as follows:

Manitoba, approximately   700 square miles

Saskatchewan, approximately    3,200 "

Alberta, approximately    14.000 "

Total    17,900 "

This does not include areas which were examined during 1914, the temporary reservation of which has not yet been approved. The

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