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vision may be made for the enforcement of the technical provisions affecting lumbering operations on the licensed timber berths.

  1. The immediate establishment of a game preserve in the southern portion of the Rocky mountains, in Alberta and British Columbia, :adjacent to the Glacier National Park of Montana, should be urged upon the Dominion Government and the Government of British Colum-Ibia. Immediately favorable action upon this recommendation is imperative in the interests of game preservation.

  2. In the opinion of the Committee, an expenditure of $25,000 per annum for the next four years is urgently needed, to furnish the basis for formulating and forwarding a forest policy for the Dominion.

  3. In view of the importance, for water-power development, of the forest cover on the upper waters of the Winnipeg river, and especially on the watershed of the lake of the Woods, steps should be taken to segregate as a forest reserve the area drained by this river.


In the matter of forest protection, the general aspects of the situations have not changed materially since the last meeting, though there have been improvements in some respects.

The fire season of 1914 was the worst since 1910, and the aggregate of loss will be heavy. Fire-protective organizations throughout the Dominion were severely taxed, and, in most cases, the results have shown that these organizations need strengthening in one or more respects, in order to provide really adequate protection. In practically all cases, larger appropriations are needed, especially for the protection of young forest growth. This action, wherever at all practicable under present conditions, is fully justifiable on the basis that fire protection must be regarded, not as an expense, but as an investment, necessary in the public interest, that will pay high dividends in the future.


The inventory of forest resources, begun in British Columbia and Saskatchewan in 1913, has been continued during the past year. The financial situation has, however, made it necessary to cut down expenses, and the work in Saskatchewan, under J. C. Blumer, has been discontinued, with apparently no prospect of its being again taken up during the coming season. The work in British Columbia is being continued under Dr. H. N. Whitford and Roland D. Craig.

As indicated last year, there is strong reason for the belief that the forest resources of Canada have been much over-estimated in the past, and the necessity for a general stock-taking is obvious, in order

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