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ways should be made subject to the fire regulations prescribed by the Board of Railway Commissioners for lines subject to its jurisdiction.

  1. Representations should be made to the governments of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario and Alberta, urging that both legislative and administrative provision be made for requiring provincially chartered railways to take adequate steps to safeguard the adjacent country from fires due to railway causes.

  2. The ascertainment or inventory of timber supplies has been properly begun in British Columbia, in co-operation with the Provincial Forest Branch and with the Forestry Branch of the Canadian Pacific railway, and in Saskatchewan in co-operation with the Dominion Forestry Branch. This work should be persistently continued. Co-operation of the Provincial Government of New Brunswick for the same purpose should be encouraged, and the governments of Ontario and Quebec invited to pursue a similar course.

  3. The attention of the Dominion and Provincial governments should be again drawn to the vital necessity of withholding from settlement all lands which cannot properly be classed as agricultural. and of setting such lands apart for the permanent production of timber supplies. The importance should be especially accentuated of reserving and protecting from fire the vast areas of young forest growth, in order that they may reach merchantable size and form a future source of local revenue and industry.

  4. The governments of Ontario and Quebec should be urged to undertake a systematic classification of land in the " clay belt " in advance of settlement, in order to have settlement properly directed.

  5. A strong effort should be made to secure co-operation between the Dominion Government and that of the Province of Ontario, to solve the problem of protection and recuperation of the Trent watershed.

  6. The extension of forest reservations in the public lands of the west should be forwarded, as the surveys by the Dominion Forestry Branch develop their desirability.

  7. The organization of forestry branches should be urged on the two forest provinces, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, which are still without such an agency.

  8. The Commission reiterates its opinion that, in the forest services of the Dominion and Provincial governments, more than in any other service, the appointments should be based on capability and experience, such as may be secured by civil service examinations.

  9. Representations should be made to the Dominion Government looking toward the adoption of some plan, whereby adequate pro-

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