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Reports of the Committee on Forests of the Commission of Conservation


Chief Forester, Commission of Conservation



T HE report of the Committee on Forests for the year 1913 is, for the most part, one of progress. THE RAILWAY FIRE SITUATION

At the instance, largely, of the Commission of Conservation, the Board of Railway Commissioners on May 22, 1912, issued its well-known order, No. 16,570, with respect to forest fires along the lines of railway that are subject to its jurisdiction. The unique feature of this order was that it placed on the railway companies, under the jurisdiction of the Board, the responsibility of taking all the precautions reasonably necessary in order to prevent forest fires due to railway operation. For the purpose of administering the order, the Chief Forester of the Commission also holds the position of Chief Fire Inspector of the Board of Railway Commissioners, in pursuance of a co-operative arrangement between Hon. Mr. Sifton and the late Chief Commissioner Mabee. Thus, this Commission has every reason to take a particular interest in the railway fire protection work, although the actual administration of the work itself is necessarily under the sole jurisdiction of the Railway Commission, to the members of which the fullest credit must be given for the splendid support they have afforded the new department.

Railway Fire   As was announced at the last annual meeting, the rail-

Protection   way fire protection work was organized only in western

Work   Canada during 1912. In 1913, the organization was
extended as far as possible in the eastern provinces. The plan of
building up an inspection staff, through co-operation with the exist-
ing fire-protective organizations of the Dominion and Provincial

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