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Fire, live coals, or hot ashes must not be deposited upon the tracks or right-of-way, unless they are extinguished immediately thereafter, except in pits provided for the purpose. On no account shall ash pans be dumped, or ashes from cars or cabooses be thrown out on the right-of-way while running. Burning or smouldering waste taken from hot boxes shall be covered with earth, or otherwise completely extinguished.

Fires must not be started upon or near the right-of-way for the clearing of rubbish or dried grass from the right-of-way, between the first day of April and the first day of November, unless specially authorized by the Roadmaster or his superior officer. Officers of the Board of Railway Commissioners may at any time require that no burning be done along specified portions of the right-of-way, and employees must observe such instructions.

General Order No. 107 of the Board of Railway Commissioners provides as follows:

" If any employee or other person included in the said regulations fails or neglects to obey the same, or any of them, he shall, in addition to any other liability which he may have incurred, be subject to a penalty of twenty-five dollars for every such offence."

A copy of this Circular must be posted at all Stations and Tool-houses, as well as in Bulletin Books.

(Sgd.) A. D. MACTIER General Manager

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