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patrols furnished, under orders of the Board of Railway Commissioners, were made by fire inspectors.

Circular No. 8, copy of which is attached, together with supplementary letter, outlines the plan for the elimination and extinguishing of fires which occur along the company's lines.

Under the order of the Board a number of special patrolmen were kept patrolling through the forest regions. During extremely dry seasons additional patrolmen were put on; and besides these, section-men constantly patrolled their sections.

The results proved satisfactory this past year, and little damage was done to timber by fires of known company origin.


(Eastern Lines)



Montreal, April 3rd, 1914

To General Superintendents.

Dear Sir:

Referring to my circular No. 8, dated February 25th, covering the prevention and extinguishing of fires on or in the vicinity of our right of way.

Your attention is drawn to the fact that sub-section (e) of section 13, General Order No. 107, of the Board of Railway Commissioners, specifies that the company's zone of responsibility is within 300 feet of the track. However, the company is interested in the preservation of all natural resources, and, therefore, whenever an employee discovers a fire outside of the 300 foot zone, he should immediately advise his superintendent, who will in turn telegraph the nearest provincial forest officer, notifying him that a fire has been discovered in such and such a place, outside of the company's zone; this, of course, so that the provincial authorities may have an opportunity to promptly extinguish the fire.

(Sgd.) A. D. MACTIER

General Manager

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