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the Board has no jurisdiction in connection with damage claims and that recourse should be had through the courts, in case of failure to reach a settlement with the railway concerned.

Failure to construct fire-guards, or construction unsatisfactory: Canadian Pacific, 3; Canadian Northern, 5; Grand Trunk Pacific, 1 ; total, 9.

Report by railway company that land owner refuses to permit construction of fire-guards in fenced grazing lands: Canadian Pacific, 11; Grand Trunk Pacific, 22; total, 33. In twelve of these cases, the Grand Trunk Pacific requested authority to enter upon the lands in question for the purpose of constructing fire-guards, notwithstanding such refusal of the owner. In three of these cases, orders were issued by the Board, granting authority for such entrance and construction, as requested.

The following tables show fire-guard statistics for 1913 and 1914:

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