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stubble lands by railway companies may reasonably be limited to cases where the land owner or occupant considers such action necessary, and is also willing to co-operate to the extent of ploughing the guard for the fixed reasonable compensation specified above. It will be noted that for the first time provision is made above for materially reducing the fire hazard through grain stubble lands, by the requirement that rail-way companies shall dispose of dry grass and other combustible matter between the right-of-way and the edge of cultivation. This is important, since, as a general rule, fires burning over grain stubble lands seldom start in the stubble itself, but in the dry grass or weeds on the right-of-way, or in the narrow uncultivated strip immediately between the stubble and the right-of-way fence. The requirements above specified have greatly reduced both these sources of fire danger, so far as grain stubble lands are concerned.

As in previous years, the details of fire-guard require-Fire Guarding, ments for 1914 were fully discussed, in advance, with

Season of 1914

the railway companies and with representatives of the Grain Growers' associations. The result was the issuance of the following circular.



Ottawa, Monday, the 11th day of May, 1914 FIRE GUARD REQUIREMENTS

To The Canadian Pacific Railway Company, The Canadian Northern Railway Company, The Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Company, The Great Northern Railway Company :

Subsection 4 of Section 298 of the Railway Act provides that "The Board may order, upon such terms and conditions as it deems expedient, that fire-guards be established and maintained by the Company along the route of its railway and upon any lands of His Majesty or )f any person, lying along such route, and, subject to the terms and conditions of any such order, the Company may at all times enter into and upon such lands for the purpose of establishing and maintaining such fire-guards thereon and freeing, from dead or dry grass, weeds and other unnecessary inflammable matter, the land between such fire-guards and the line of railway."

Regulation 8 of General Order No. 107 provides that " Every such railway company shall establish and maintain fire-guards along the route of its railway as the Chief Fire Inspector may prescribe."

You are accordingly required to establish and maintain fire-guards on both sides of the right-of-way, along the route of your railway, in the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, as follows:—

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