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difference in the time at which the work must be done. In the case of open prairie and fenced grazing land, the requirement called for the completion of construction by August 15. Obviously, fire danger in growing grain crops being negligible as a rule, fire-guarding should not take place until immediately after the cutting of the grain. It must, however, be done immediately after that operation, or the fire hazard will, in many sections, be great. The problem was further complicated by the materially different times at which cutting of grain takes place in the same sections of the country. Thus, in order to secure efficient results in stubble fire-guarding, the railway company must not only provide for the handling of this work at a later date than that pre-scribed for open prairie and fenced grazing land, but must also provide for the separate handling of the work in each grain stubble field.

These difficulties were obvious, and had been consid-


GuardingFire   ered to some extent previous to the issuance of cir-

cular of May 24, 1913, without, however, the development of any practicable method of obviating them up to that time. During the early summer, however, the matter was further taken up, principally by personal investigation in the field. The result was a joint conference at Winnipeg, on August 6, 1913, at which were present representatives of the three railways most concerned, and of the Grain Growers' associations of the three prairie provinces, as well as the Chief Fire Inspector of the Board. Following this conference, the following circular was issued:


Winnipeg, Manitoba, Aug. 8, 1913



To The Canadian Pacific Railway Company, The Canadian Northern Railway Company, The Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Company, The Great Northern Railway Company :

Reference is made to my letter of May 24, 1913, containing requirements for the construction of fire-guards along railway lines in the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

As a result of a conference held at Winnipeg, August 6, 1913, with representatives of the C.P.R., C.N.R., G.T.P.R., United Farmers of Alberta, Grain Growers' Association of Saskatchewan, and Grain Growers' Association of Manitoba, the following modifications are hereby made in the requirements prescribed in said letter of May 24, 1913:

FENCED GRAZING LANDS—No change in requirements.

OPEN PRAIRIE—No change in requirements.

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