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so as to expose the mineral soil, for a width of 16 feet, at a distance of approximately 200 feet from the centre of the track.

Additional Provisions—Where there are alternating bodies of cultivated, fenced, grazing, open prairie, or poplar lands, the ends of the fire-guards above prescribed shall, so far as possible, be so connected as to make an unbroken, continuous fire-guard.

Wherever, for any reason, it is not practicable to construct a continuous fire-guard as above specified, the ends of the constructed portions of the fire-guard shall be turned in to the right-of-way, and special care shall be taken to connect such ends, either by ploughing a strip eight feet wide along the outer edge of the right-of-way, or by burning or otherwise removing the combustible matter along such right-of-way, in such a manner as to provide good and efficient protection against the spread of fire to lands which have been properly fire guarded.

The construction of fire-guards shall be completed, as above specified, not later than the first day of August, 1913, except as to cultivated lands, where the requirements as to time of construction, above specified under that heading, shall be observed. Between the date of construction and the 15th day of May, 1914, said fire-guards shall be maintained in a good and efficient manner, and dead or dry grass and other unnecessary combustible matter shall be burned or otherwise disposed of, on lands or portions of lands between such fire-guards and the track, in accordance with the above requirements.

Where a fire-guard has been ploughed within two years, in accordance with the above specifications, the operation of discing and harrowing will be acceptable instead of reploughing, provided that all weeds and other inflammable material are disced and harrowed under the fur-row, so as to make a good and efficient fire-guard. Otherwise, reploughing is required.

The provisions of this order shall apply to the portions of the line under construction, in the three provinces named, the same as to portions under operation. In other words, fire-guards shall be constructed at the time grading is done on each new portion of the line.

The foregoing requirements shall apply to all lines of the company in the three provinces named, except where the company shall be specifically, exempted from such requirements on the basis of a showing by the company that such construction and maintenance of fire-guards is either unnecessary or impracticable. The list of such specific exemptions will accompany another letter, at a later date, after a field inspection by this department on the basis of the showing made or to be made by the company in this connection. In the meantime, the company must proceed upon the basis of constructing and maintaining fire-guards as above specified, except where such action is clearly impracticable or unnecessary.

The company shall submit to the Chief Fire Inspector for the Board, at Ottawa, not later than November 1st, 1913, a report in triplicate, in the form of a graphic chart, showing by mileages, subdivisions, and provinces the portions of the line in the three provinces named where fire-guards shall have been constructed or exemptions granted, and

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