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previous requirements of the Board, embraced in Orders No. 3,245 and 15,995. In other words, sixteen feet of ploughing was required, at a distance of 300 feet from the track, without reference to the character of the land in question, except where a showing should be made by the company that such ploughing was unnecessary or impracticable.

As outlined at page 36 of Forest Protection in Canada, 1912, the matter of revising the fire-guard requirements for 1913 was exhaustively taken up in the fall of 1912, by circulars, which were sent to hundreds of representative farmers throughout the prairie provinces, as well as to provincial government officials, and representatives of all the railways concerned. A heavy correspondence followed the receipt of the answers to the questions contained in the circular. After most careful consideration of the many opinions expressed, including the preliminary submission, for criticism, of tentative drafts of requirements to railway officials and representatives of the Grain Growers' associations of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, as well as to provincial government representatives, a final draft of requirements was prepared and issued to railways concerned, as follows:


May 24, 1913

To The Canadian Pacific Railway Company, The Canadian Northern Railway Company, The Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Company, The Great Northern Railway Company :

Subsection 4 of Section 298 of the Railway Act provides that " The Board may order, upon such terms and conditions as it deems expedient, that fire-guards be established and maintained by the company along the route of its railway and upon any lands, of His Majesty or of any person, lying along such route, and, subject to the terms and conditions of any such order, the company may at all times enter into and upon such lands for the purpose of establishing and maintaining such fire-guards thereon, and freeing, from dead or dry grass, weeds and other unnecessary inflammable matter, the land between such fire-guards and the line of railway."

Regulation 9 of Order 16,570, provides that " every such railway company shall establish and maintain fire-guards along the route of its railway as the Chief Fire Inspector may prescribe."

You are accordingly required to establish and maintain fire-guards on both sides of the right-of-way, along the route of your railway, in the Provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, as follows:

Cultivated Lands—On lands under cultivation, fire-guards shall be constructed in the form of a ploughed strip not less than eight feet in width, not less than 100 feet from the centre of the track. All dead of

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