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little trouble from fire was experienced. The losses caused by fire over the whole Dominion were considerable, and there is no doubt that the losses along railway lines would have been very much greater had it not been for the preventive measures taken by the railways and by the Dominion and provincial agencies co-operating with them.

The accompanying statements show all the information available with regard to fires in forest sections, originating within 300 feet of railway tracks, during the seasons of 1913 and 1914. Many incipient fires were extinguished in both years, of which the record is incomplete. Figures are not available as to fires in agricultural sections.

The information available as to the situation in eastern Canada in 1913 is very much less satisfactory than that relating to the west, partly on account of delay in organizing the eastern work in that year, and partly on account of insufficient inspection having been provided by the provincial governments which have co-operated with the Board. On account of incomplete organization in Ontario, it was not practicable to secure information relative to some of the fires which occurred during that year, particularly in the Muskoka section. This situation was greatly improved in 1914, and promises to be very efficiently handled during 1915.

In general, it may safely be stated that the results which have been secured from the co-operative handling of the railway fire-protection work have been admirable. The occurrence and spread of railway fires has, beyond the possibility of a doubt, been greatly reduced. There is every reason to believe that the efficiency of the work will be still further increased during the coming year, through the extension and increased efficiency of the inspection staffs to be made available by the various co-operating agencies, especially in eastern Canada. For the most part, full credit must be given the railways for the fine attitude they have shown toward the work of the fire inspection department, and for their very general endeavor to comply honestly with the various requirements.

It is reported that, in 1913, no fires originated within 300 feet of the track in the case of the following railways: White Pass and Yukon, Esquimalt and Nanaimo, Atlantic, Quebec and Western, Quebec Oriental, Rutland, Temiscouata, Central Railway of Canada, Western Canada Power Company.

On account of incomplete organization at that time, no information is available as to the fire situation in 1913 along the following lines, which operate at least in part through forest sections: Algoma Central and Hudson Bay, Algoma Eastern, Central Ontario, Dominion Atlantic, Elgin and Havelock, Moncton and Buctouche, St. Martins,

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