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existence of other sources of railway fire danger than sparks from the locomotive stacks, it is considered necessary to require that you provide a patrol of not less than one round trip per day over the various portions of your line, through the sectionmen or other regular employees. This requirement shall include the line between McBride junction and Courtenay, 45 miles, as soon as this line shall be placed under operation.

Should any coal burning engine be operated over any portion of your line, a special patrol following thirty minutes after such engine shall be provided.


The requirement with regard to the establishment of a specially organized force of employees, who shall devote all, or a considerable portion of their time to fire protection work, is waived, on the basis of the performance by the company of the following requirements :

Between Victoria and Royal Oak, 5.5 miles, no special patrol will be necessary.

Between Royal Oak and Sidney, 12.7 miles, two patrols each day by sectionmen or other employees to be designated by company.

Locomotives to be equipped with 150 feet of one-inch hose, with facilities for attaching to injector feed pipe.

Engineers to watch out for fires along track, train crews to extinguish fire discovered if possible; if not possible for train crew to extinguish, to stop and notify nearest section foreman, who shall immediately proceed to fire.

The company shall make arrangements with the city water station at Elk Lake, and with persons having telephone service at Keating, Saanichton, at Basin Bay Brick Co., and with James A. Johns, and with a resident in the vicinity of Elk Lake, under which arrangement the section foreman or the Victoria office of the company will be notified immediately of any fire discovered burning along the right-of-way.



Between Edmonton and mileage 65, 65 miles, patrol by sectionmen. Between mileage 65 and Athabaska Crossing, 65 miles, three men with velocipedes with approximately equal mileage.

As the steel is laid westward from Athabaska Crossing, an equivalent velocipede patrol shall be established and maintained by the company.

Between the end of steel and the western limit of construction work, one special patrolman shall be assigned for each 15 miles of the Tight-of-way through forest country upon which construction work is

3-c. c.

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