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Between Michel and Fernie, 20.9 miles; between Fernie and Mott, 23.77 miles; between Mott and the International boundary near Gate-way, 26 miles.


Between Port Hill and Wynndel, 12.1 miles, special section patrol to follow twenty minutes after each train.



Between International boundary and Lynch Creek, approximately 24 miles, section patrol; between Midway and Carmi, approximately 46 miles, section patrol; between Carmi and Hydraulic summit, approximately 30 miles, two foot patrolmen with equal mileage; between Hydraulic summit and Canon creek, 11 miles, one foot patrolman.

As soon as track is ballasted between Carmi and Canon creek, 41 miles, the patrols specified for this part of the line shall be replaced by one foot patrolman between Carmi and Arlington lake, approximately 10 miles, the balance of the section, that is, between Arlington lake and Canon creek, approximately 31 miles, to be patrolled by sectionmen.

Between Canon creek and Sawmill creek, 11 miles, one foot patrolman ; between Sawmill creek and the long tunnel at mile 104 west of Midway, approximately 15 miles, one foot patrolman, to be replaced by section patrol when track laid and ballasted to Sawmill creek. Between the long tunnel at mile 104 west of Midway and Penticton, approximately 20.5 miles, patrol by sectionmen ; between Penticton and Osprey lake, approximately 39 miles, patrol by sectionmen; between Osprey lake and Christina creek, approximately 20 miles, patrol by two foot patrolmen with equal mileages ; between Merritt and Otter Summit, approximately 30 miles, patrol by sectionmen.

Power speeder shall follow twenty minutes after all trains over operated portions. Between Coquihalla summit and Hope, approximately 35 miles, two mounted patrolmen, patrol to be carried on continuously between Hope and the summit. Patrols to be divided as follows: One man between Hope and Boston Bar creek and one man between Boston Bar creek and Coquihalla summit.



As oil fuel is used on the locomotives of this line, it is deemed unnecessary to prescribe special patrols. In view, however, of the

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