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Kootenay Central

Between Golden and mileage 9 south, 9 miles, one man with velocipede, to patrol thirty minutes after each train running over the line in the day time.

Between Fort Steele and the southern boundary of the railway belt, one patrolman on foot or horseback for each ten miles of the line under construction; provided, however, that if a co-operative agreement shall be entered into between the company and the Lands Department of the province of British Columbia, whereby the patrol along this portion of the line is to be handled by said Department of Lands, such arrangement shall be considered a satisfactory substitute for the special patrols above enumerated.


Under the preceding requirement, an arrangement was entered into between the railway company and the provincial Department of Lands, by which the following system of patrols was maintained along the line under construction between Fort Steele and Spillimacheen, 104 miles: Between Fort Steele and Skookumchuck, 24 miles, one patrol-man with hand speeder; between Skookumchuck and Canal Flats, 23 miles, one mounted patrolman; between Canal Flats and Goldie Creek, 25 miles, one mounted patrolman ; between Goldie Creek and Edge-water, 18 miles, one mounted patrolman ; between Edgewater and Spillamacheen, 20 miles, one patrolman on hand speeder. As soon as track laying was completed, the mounted patrols were replaced by speeder patrolman with approximately same mileage to patrol.


As a result of conferences between representatives of the railway company and the fire inspection staff of the Board in the field, power speeder patrols were substituted early in the season for nearly all of the velocipede patrols prescribed in the above letter for the Laggan, Cranbrook and Sirdar subdivisions of the Alberta division, and the Procter, Lardo, Slocan, Boundary, Phoenix, Rossland, Nakusp, Sandon and Kaslo subdivisions of the British Columbia division.


Between Dona, Ont., and the Ontario-Manitoba boundary, 331.2 miles, special patrol by the section force and other regular employees, with a minimum of one round trip per day. The work of these men shall be supervised by a competent man, with power speeder, who

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