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On the Fort William, Ignace and Kenora subdivisions, between Fort William and Whitemouth, 365.5 miles; on the Arborg subdivision,.. between Teulon and Arborg, 36.7 miles; and on the Lac du Bonnet subdivision, between Molson and Lac du Bonnet, 21.5 miles, patrol by sectionmen; minimum of one round trip per day, including Sun-days. On the Lac du Bonnet subdivision, particular care shall be exercised after the passing of each train in the day time. On portions of the above lines where no trains are operated on Sundays, special Sunday patrol will not be required.


Laggan Subdivision—Seven men with velocipedes, to be distributed as follows: Between Bow River bridge at mileage 53.2 and Canmore, 14.1 miles; between Canmore and Bankhead, 12.2 miles; between Bankhead and mileage 89, 9.7 miles; between mileage 89 and Castle, 9.7 miles; between Castle and mileage 108, 9.8 miles; between mileage 108 and Laggan, 8.6 miles; between Laggan and Stephen, 5.9 miles. Minimum patrol, so far as possible, of two round trips per day, one in the forenoon and one in the afternoon. Between Stephen and Field, 14 miles, one man, to work on foot or ride on pushers, as may be most practicable; this patrol to be supplemented by tunnel watchmen and section crews.

Crowsnest Subdivision—Between Burmis and Hillcrest, 5.4 miles, one foot patrolman, who may also be watchman or track walker. Between Frank and Sentinel, 9.4 miles, one man with velocipede. Between Sentinel and Crowsnest, 5.3 miles, one foot patrolman, who may also be track walker.

Cranbrook Subdivision—Between Crowsnest and Loop tunnel at mileage 5.1, 5.1 miles, one foot patrolman. Between mileage 5.1 and Cranbrook, 93.9 miles, six men with velocipedes, distributed as follows: Between Loop tunnel at mileage 5.1 and Wardrop. 15.4 miles; between Wardrop and Fernie, 15.4 miles; between Fernie and Courier, 12.5 miles; between Courier and Jaffray, 18.5 miles; between Jaffray and Tokay, 13.7 miles; between Tokay and Cranbrook. 18.4 miles.

Sirdar Subdivision—Between Cranbrook and Kootenay Landing, 83 miles, 5 men with velocipedes, as follows : Between Cranbrook. and Moyie, 19.8 miles; between Moyie and Yahk, 20.9 miles; be-

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