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exclusion of other duties, the patrol and other fire-protective work indicated in the regulations of the Board and specified herein.

In every case where special or section patrols are required special instructions must be issued and special supervision must be provided by the company.

As a matter of record, velocipede and power speeder patrolmen passing telegraph stations shall be reported the same as passing trains, and such records shall be freely open to the inspection of any authorized officer of the Board. Where there are no regular registering points for trains, registering points shall be established and each patrol-man shall be required to register in a small book placed at some convenient point at or near each end of his beat.

Each foot patrolman shall be equipped with one shovel and one canvas bucket. Each velocipede patrolman shall be equipped with two shovels, two canvas buckets and one axe. In addition to the above, and to the regular section equipment, there shall be stored at the tool-house for each section in each patrol district the following emergency fire-fighting equipment: one axe, three mattocks, and four buckets of not less than twelve quarts capacity each. Equipment for the transportation of patrolmen shall also be furnished by the company as indicated.

The object sought to be obtained by the regulations of the Board and by the instructions issued under them, is the prevention of railway fires. It is desired to avoid, so far as possible, the imposition of unnecessary expense upon railway companies, and it is fully realized that the danger of fire will necessarily vary between wide limits during the long season prescribed by the regulations. There is no doubt that a very efficient system of fire patrol can be established at a minimum of expense if proper provision is made for increasing or decreasing the force as conditions may require or permit. To this end, an aver-age patrol force has been prescribed, with which to begin work, and the various fire inspectors appointed by the Board have authority to waive the requirements wholly or in part, from time to time, as may be practicable, it being understood that the company will immediately restore such patrol upon request of the Board's representative.

In order to make the system properly effective, it is essential also that your general superintendents be authorized and directed to furnish additional men for patrol work from time to time, as requested by the superior field officer of the Board having jurisdiction.

It is essential also that the necessity be impressed upon your employees of complying in the utmost good faith with the provisions of Regulation 13 of General Order 107. In particular, sectionmen should be instructed that they must give the same attention to fire that they do to the safety of the track. On this basis, it is believed that further damage by railway fires can be very greatly reduced in the future, at a minimum of cost to the company.

Yours very truly CLYDE LEAVITT

Chief Fire Inspector, B.R.C.

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