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Between St. Albert and the Pembina river, the patrol and fire-fighting work shall be a part of the regular duties of the section men, track walkers and watchmen.

Between Pembina river and McLeod river, approximately 64 miles, three men with velocipedes, with approximately equal mileages.

Between McLeod river and the Jasper Park boundary, at construction mileage 190 (this point is coincident with the G. T. P. station at Dyke), approximately 61 miles, three men with velocipedes, with approximately equal mileages.

Between the Jasper Park boundary at construction mileage 190, and Moose creek, at construction mileage 204.6, 14.6 miles, one man with velocipede.

Between Moose creek and Jasper, approximately 30 miles, one man with power speeder, or two men with velocipedes, with approximately equal mileages.

Between Jasper and Yellowhead, 17 miles, one man with velocipede.


For the efficient inspection of and general supervision over the work of the Company under General Order No. 107, with special reference to the patrols above specified, the following field officers have been appointed by the Board, with jurisdiction as indicated.

E. J. Zavitz, Provincial Fire Inspector, address, Lands Department, Toronto, Ontario: Central Division lines in Ontario.

P. C. Barnard Hervey, Fire Inspector for Dominion Parks, address, Parks Branch, Edmonton, Alta.: Lines within Jasper Park, which extends from a point approximately three miles west of Prairie Creek crossing to Yellowhead.

E. H. Finlayson, Fire Inspector, address, Forestry Branch, Customs Building, Winnipeg, Man.: All lines in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, and all in Alberta, with the exception of lines within Jasper Park, above indicated as being under the jurisdiction of P. C. Barnard Hervey. Mr. Finlayson will be assisted by Thomas McNaughton, Divisional Fire Inspector.

A number of other officials of the Dominion and Provincial Governments have been appointed officers of the Board and will assist the above-named superior field officers in carrying on this work. The superior field officer in each case will notify the superintendent of your company of the name, title and jurisdiction of the subordinate field officer or officers responsible for the inspection of fire work in his district.


So far as practicable, the work of patrol has been combined with the other regular duties of your employees, but, where this action has not been specifically indicated, the patrol force is to be a specially organized and specially supervised body of men, who shall perform, to the

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