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Henry Sorgius, district fire inspector: Canadian Pacific, Piles and Shawinigan branches and Canadian Northern Quebec railway from Shawinigan to Riviere-a-Pierre; Quebec and Lake St. John from Riviere-a-Pierre to Kiskisink, and La Tuque branch.

Nath. Lebel, district fire inspector: Temiscouata railway in Province of Quebec.

Jos. Legace, district fire inspector: Atlantic, Quebec and Western and Quebec Oriental railways, in Gaspe peninsula.

F'. N. Roche, district fire inspector: Canadian Pacific lines in the province south of the St. Lawrence river; Grand Trunk, Boston and Maine, Central Vermont, and Maine Central railways.

Isaie Dubuc, district fire inspector. Mr. Dubuc covers same territory as Mr. Roche given above, with the following additional lines: St. Lawrence and Adirondack; Quebec, Montreal and Southern, Napierville Junction, and Rutland and Noyan.

W. A. Bignell, district fire inspector: Canadian Pacific railway between Quebec and Ottawa, including branches north of the St. Lawrence and Ottawa rivers; Canadian Northern Quebec railway, including branches north of the St. Lawrence river.

Arthur H. Graham, district fire inspector : Canadian Pacific railway between Montreal and Ottawa (north shore), including branches, and the Canadian Northern Quebec railway, between Montreal and Ottawa. including branches.

New Brunswick—The inspection work handled by the Crown Lands Department of the Province of New Brunswick is,as follows:

A. E. O'Leary, chief fire and game guardian, Richibucto, appointed provincial fire inspector. The territory covered includes the Canadian Pacific, St. Martins, Elgin and Havelock, New Brunswick Coal and Railway, Salisbury and Albert, and Temiscouata railways.

John McGibbon, assistant provincial fire inspector. Mr. McGibbon assisted Mr. O'Leary in handling the fire inspection work on the above named lines.

Nova Scotia—Co-operation for the handling of inspection work in Nova Scotia was promised by the Provincial Government, but the putting of the plan into effect has been delayed, pending the appointment of a provincial Forester, for which appointment provision has been made by Act of the Provincial Parliament.

The plan adopted in 1912 has been continued, of re-


Fire Patrols   quiring the establishment and maintenance of special

fire patrols in forest sections where the fire hazard is considered high. The special patrols consisted, for the most part, of men with railway velocipecles, although, in some cases where the traffic

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