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agency, so that, aside from the head office at Ottawa, the work of the Fire Inspection Department has been handled without cost to the Board.

The following shows the organization in effect in 1914. The organization in 1913 differed only in minor details, being in general not quite so complete.



Co-operation   The inspection work handled by the British Columbia

with British

Columbia   Forest Branch embraces all lines in British Columbia Forest Branch except those within the railway belt.



H. R. MacMillan, Chief Forester, appointed provincial fire inspector, to exercise general supervision over the Board's fire inspection work in the province outside the railway belt. R. E. Benedict, H. R. Christie and NV. C. Gladwin, assistant provincial fire inspectors.

Cranbrook District—J. D. Gilmour, divisional fire inspector; G. B. Watson, R. J. Long and J. C. Hart, assistant divisional fire inspectors.

Nelson District—G. H. Prince, divisional fire inspector; J. T. Price, A. M. Black, H. S. Nelson and C. A. Mix, assistant divisional fire inspectors.

Vernon District—L. R. Andrews, divisional fire inspector; M. V. Allen and H. H. Thomas, assistant divisional fire inspectors.

Vancouver District—G. D. McKay, divisional fire inspector; A. T. Kennedy and `V. H. Smith, assistant divisional fire inspectors.

Island District—H. K. Robinson, divisional fire inspector; \V. F. Loveland and J. E. Stilwell, assistant divisional fire inspectors.

Prince Rupert District—H. S. Irwin, divisional fire inspector.

Hazelton District—R. E. Allen, divisional fire inspector; George Dover, Thomas Brewer and James Latham, assistant divisional fire inspectors.

Fort George District—H. G. Marvin, divisional fire inspector; F. \V. Heath and R. M. Pellatt, assistant divisional fire inspectors. Tete Jaune District—C. MacFayden, divisional fire inspector.

The divisional fire inspectors above enumerated were under appointment by the British Columbia Forest Branch as district foresters, and the assistant divisional fire inspectors, as district rangers.

Divisional fire inspector-at-large—George A. Kerr.

Dominion   The inspection work handled by the Dominion For-

Forestry   estry Branch, Department of the Interior, is as fol-

Branch   lows

D. Roy Cameron, district inspector of forest reserves, Kamloops, B.C., appointed fire inspector for the railway belt, exclusive of Dominion parks. This includes the main line of the Canadian Pacific railway

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