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National Transcontinental (under construction). Philipsburg Railway and Quarry Company. Quebec Central (C.P.R. system).

Quebec and Saguenay (under construction). Salmon River and Northern.

New Brunswick

Caraquet and Gulf Shore.

Fredericton and Grand Lake Coal and Railway Company (C.P.R system).

Intercolonial (Canadian Government lines).

International Railway of New Brunswick (Canadian Government lines).

Kent Northern (including St. Louis and Richibucto).

National Transcontinental (tinder construction).

New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island (Canadian Government lines).

Northern New Brunswick and Seaboard.

North Shore.

Southampton (C.P.R. system).

St. John Valley (Canadian Government lines).

York and Carleton.

Noz a Scotia

Cape Breton.

Intercolonial (Canadian Government lines).

Inverness Railway and Coal Company (C.N.R. system). Maritime Railway, Coal and Power Company.

Sydney and Louisburg (Dominion Coal Co.).

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island (Canadian Government lines).



As noted above, the co-operation begun in 1912 with the fire-protective organizations of the Dominion and Provincial governments has been continued and extended. In this way has been handled practically all of the detailed field inspection in connection with right-of-way clearing, establishment and maintenance of patrols, reporting and extinguishing of fire by railway employees, and the construction of fire-guards. In each case, the plan of co-operation includes the payment of salary and expenses of the inspecting officer by the co-operating

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