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Canadian Northern Ontario (C.N.R. system).

Canadian Northern Quebec (C.N.R. system).

Canadian Pacific.

Central Ontario (C.N.R. system).

Central Railway Company of Canada (under construction). Central Vermont (G.T.R. system).

Cumberland Railway and Coal Co. (Dominion Coal Company). Dominion Atlantic (C.P.R. system).

Edmonton, Dunvegan and British Columbia (under construction). Elgin and Havelock.

Esquimalt and Nanaimo (C.P.R. system).

Essex Terminal.

Glengarry and Stormont (C.P.R. system).

Grand Trunk.

Grand Trunk Pacific.

Great Northern.

Halifax and Southwestern (C.N.R. system).

Interprovincial and James Bay (C.P.R. system, under construction). Irondale, Bancroft and Ottawa (C.N.R. system).

James Bay and Eastern (C.N.R. system, under construction). Kettle Valley (C.P.R. system, under construction).

Klondike Mines. Kootenay and Alberta.

Lake Erie and Northern (C.P.R. system).

Maine Central.

Marmora Railway and Mining Co. (C.N.R. system).

Michigan Central (Canada Southern).

Moncton and Buctouche.

New Brunswick Coal and Railway (C.P.R. system).

Ottawa and New York (N.Y.C. & H.R.R. system).

Pere Marquette.

Quebec and Lake St. John (C.N.R. system).

Quebec, Montreal and Southern (Rutland).

Quebec Oriental.

Rutland and Noyan (Rutland).

Salisbury and Albert.

Schomberg and Aurora.

St. Lawrence and Adirondack (N.Y.C. & H.R.R. system).

St. Martins.


Thousand Islands.

Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo (C.P.R. and M.C.R.R.).

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