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  1. If any employee or other person included in the said regulations, fails or neglects to obey the same, or any of them, he shall, in addition to any other liability which he may have incurred, be subject to a penalty of twenty-five dollars for every such offence.

  2. The Board may, upon the application of any railway company or other party interested, vary or rescind any order or direction of the Chief Fire Inspector made pursuant to the provisions of this Order.

(Sgd.) H. L. DRAYTON

Chief Commissioner,

Board of Railway Commissioners for Canada


Examined and certified as a true copy under Section 23 of " The Railway Act."


Secretary of Board of Railway Commissioners for Canada Ottawa, July 8th, 1913

Changes made Since Order No. 16,570 was quoted at length in by General   the report on Forest Protection in Canada, 1912. it

Order No. 107 is not reprinted here.

The changes from Order No. 16,570 are briefly as follows:

It will be noted that in several respects the order is materially strengthened, while in no case is its efficiency impaired.

In Regulation 4 (b) the change is wholly a matter of form. In Regulation 4 (d) the requirement is so changed as to specify the results to be accomplished in the matter of locomotive inspections by railway companies, without specifying the manner in which the results shall be brought about.

In General Order No. 107 the provisions contained in Regulation 5 of Order No. 16,570 are omitted, since, under the Railway Act, officers of the Board already have authority to inspect fire-protective appliances on locomotives; and the provision for the removal of defective engines from service is not needed, in view of the provision in Regulation 4 (c), that locomotives defective as to fire-protection appliances shall not be used until such defects are remedied.

Regulation 6 (b) of Order No. 16,570 is amended in Regulation 5 (b) of General Order No. 107 to permit the opening of back dampers of engines when running ahead, or the front damper while running tender first, in case there is snow on the ground and it is necessary to take such action in order to have engine steam properly.

Regulation 7 of Order No. 16,570 is amended in Regulation 6 of the new order, so that yard limits are also included in the prohibition against the depositing of fire, live coals and ashes upon tracks or rights-

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