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ing the aforesaid prescribed period, under such conditions as the Board may approve, the Board will relieve the said railway of such portion of these regulations as may seem to it safe and expedient.

13. Every such railway company shall instruct and require its sectionmen and other employees, agents and contractors to take measures to report and extinguish fires on or near the right-of-way as follows :

  1. Conductors, engineers, or trainmen, who discover or receive notice of the existence and location of a fire burning upon or near the right-of-way, or of a fire which threatens land adjacent to the right-of-way, shall report the same by wire to the Superintendent, and shall also report it to the agent or persons in charge at the next point at which there shall be communication by telegraph or telephone, and to the first section employees passed. Notice of such fire shall also be given immediately by a system of warning whistles.

  2. It shall be the duty of the superintendent or agent or person so informed to notify immediately the nearest forest officer and the nearest section employees of the railway, of the existence and location of such fire.

  3. When fire is discovered, presumably started by the railway, such sectionmen or other employees of the railway as are available, shall either independently or at the request of any authorized forest officer proceed to the fire immediately and take action to extinguish it; provided such sectionmen or other employees are not at the time engaged in labours immediately necessary to the safety of trains.

  4. In case the sectionmen or other employees available are not a sufficient force to,extinguish the fire promptly, the railway company shall, either independently or at the request of any authorized forest officer, employ such other labourers as may be necessary to extinguish the fire; and as soon as a sufficient number of men, other than the sectionmen and regular employees, are obtained, the sectionmen and other regular employees shall be allowed to resume their regular duties.

  5. The provisions of this section shall apply to all fires occurring within 300 feet of the railway track, unless proof shall be furnished that such fires were not caused by the railway.

14. Every such railway company shall give particular instructions to its employees in relation to the foregoing regulations and shall cause such instructions to be posted at all stations, terminals and section houses along its lines of railway. In case said instructions are not also carried in employees' time tables during said prescribed period, or in "operating" and "maintenance of way" rule books, they shall, previous to April 1 of each year, be re-issued to all employees concerned, in the form of special instructions. The Chief Fire Inspector may waive the above requirements in whole or in part, as to lines or portions of lines where, in his judgment, the fire danger is not material.

15. Every such railway company allowing or permitting the violation of, or in any respect contravening or failing to obey any of the foregoing regulations, shall, in addition, to any other liability which the said company may have incurred, be subject to a penalty of one hundred dollars for every such offence.

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