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Agriculture is an art that renders those who understand it rich, but leaves those who do not understand it, however much they may labour in it, to live in poverty. Xenophon, 434-355, B.C.

When we consider that about one-third of the improved land in Canada is under fodder and forage crops, the importance of disseminating information respecting fodder and pasture plants must be apparent to all. That the interest taken in these plants really is very great is amply illustrated by the numerous inquiries that have been received during recent years by the Department of Agriculture.

It is, therefore, the purpose of this book to provide, in a form convenient for reference, fairly comprehensive information about those grasses, clovers and other fodder and pasture plants that are generally acknowledged to be of value in Canada. The introduction into Canada from time to time of different fodder and pasture plants which are of more or less importance in different parts of Europe has induced the authors also to deal with a number of plants that are not as yet well known in Canada, but for some reason or other might prove in future to be of general or local value.

The aim of the book being to present only well-established facts and practices, no attempt has been made to advance or support new or questionable ideas or theories. It has been the endeavour to bring together only a summary of authentic information that may prove interesting and helpful to farmers, students of agriculture and others who may be interested in the development of the vast agricultural resources of Canada.

As the book has been written with the intention to make its contents intelligible to all classes of readers, the use of technical terms has been avoided as much as possible. It has, however, been found necessary to append a glossary in which technical or semi-technical terms contained in the text are listed.


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