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This Report is issued under an arrangement for statistical co-operation between the Dominion Bureau of Statistics and the Government branches having jurisdiction with regard to fisheries throughout Canada. These branches comprise: the Dominion Fisheries Branch of the Department of Marine and Fisheries, which exercises jurisdiction over the sea fisheries and over the inland fisheries of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Yukon Territory, and the Fisheries Branches of Ontario and Quebec, which have jurisdiction over the inland fisheries of their respective provinces. The inland fisheries of the Mari-time Provinces are, from a commercial standpoint, comparatively unimportant; but their statistics, as in the case of British Columbia, are collected by the officers of the Dominion Fisheries Branch. The province of British Columbia has a Fisheries Branch, but it does not engage in independent statistical work.

Under the arrangement above referred to, the statistics of the catch, and of the products marketed in a fresh state or domestically prepared, are collected by the local officers of the Fisheries Branches, checked in the Department of Marine and Fisheries, and compiled in the Dominion Bureau of Statistics. In the case of manufactured fish products, schedules in conformity with those of other sections of the Census of Industry are sent by the Bureau to the opera-tors of canneries, fish-curing establishments, etc., the fisheries officers assisting in securing an expeditious and accurate return. The grateful acknowledgments of the Bureau are tendered to the officers of the provincial Governments who co-operate in these arrangements.


Dominion Statistician.


OTTAWA, August 29, 1922.

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