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Governors-General of Canada

Charles Stanley, Viscount Monck . Sir John Young, Lord Lisgar

Sir F. T. H. Blackwood, Earl of Dufferin Sir John D. S. Campbell, Marquis of Lorne

Sir H. C. K. Petty-Fitzmaurice, Marquis of Lansdowne

Frederick Arthur Stanley, Baron Stanley of Preston .

1867-1868 1869-1872 1872-1878

1878-1883 1883-1888

Sir John Campbell Gordon, Earl Aberdeen

Gilbert J. M. K. Elliot, Earl of Minto Albert H. G. Grey, Earl Grey .

Field Marshal H.R.H. the Duke Connaught

The Duke of Devonshire


1893-1898 1898-1904 1904-1911


IgII-1916 Iy16-


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