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In both literature and art there is much promise for the future, but Canada is, as we are often told, a young country, and we may be thankful that in the world of books and pictures and music our heritage is not limited to the works of our own people.

Many One interesting feature of the last half Associations. century is the way in which men and women have banded together in associations for all kinds of purposes—business, religious, educational, and social. The idea of co-operation, or working together, seems to be gradually gaining ground, in business and social life and service. Through these various organizations people were able to give far more effective help during the war than they could have given as individuals.

Organizing   The spirit of organization has taken hold

in the   of the men and women of the farms. The

Country, associations of Grain-growers and United Farmers and the Women's Institutes are doing a great deal to take away the loneliness of country life, while rural mail delivery, telephones, and, perhaps above all, automobiles, are of great service in promoting the friendly intercourse and co-operation which are full of promise for the enrichment of Canada's future.

The Hope The Great War was won by the loyal comof the Future. radeship_ and the united action of the Allies, and the dauntless courage and self-sacrifice of men who loved liberty and truth and justice better than life. If the same spirit pervades our everyday life, then, and then only, will Canada be worthy of the gallant lads who have suffered or died for her..,;

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