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During this period another great educational-

ist, Dr. Ryerson, published the story of "The Loyalists of America and Their Times." Many other writers, including John Charles Dent, Sir John Bourinot, Dr. Kingsford, Dr. Hannay, Professors Goldwin Smith and Wrong, Mr. Benjamin Sulte, and Dr. Withrow, have published books dealing with the history of our country or the lives of our great men. If it were not for lack of space, it would be easy to tell some interesting stories of the lives and work of these men. For instance, when looking at Dr. Kingsford's " History of Canada," it is interesting to know that. he did not begin to write those ten thick, closely-printed volumes until he was an old man.

But so far from being able to tell stories about the writers of Canada, it is not possible even to set down here the names of all who have done good work since 1867. A few may be mentioned. William Kirby (author of " The Golden Dog "), Mrs. Leprohon, Sir Gilbert Parker, William McLennan, Charles G. D. Roberts, Miss Machar, and Agnes Laut, have all written notable Canadian historical novels; whilst the stories of L. M. ;Montgomery (Mrs.\IcDonald), Stephen Leacock, Mrs. Nellie McClung, IVIrs. S. F. Harrison (" Seranus "), W. A. Fraser, James Macdonald Oxley, and Rev. Charles Gordon (" Ralph Connor "), depict life in the Dominion during recent years. Besides these we might mention Ernest Thompson Seton and Miss Marshall Saunders for their animal stories, and Grant Allan, Miss Dougall, and Mrs. Cotes (Sara Jeanette Duncan) for their tales of other countries.

A whole new library of books has been written on the war. Many of these are specially interesting, be-cause, like Colonel Bishop's "Winged Warfare," they

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